Emerging from the Belgian clay, Tangled Horns is a contemporary alternative rock band drawing from 00’s stoner, 90’s grunge, 80’s garage and 70’s space rock. The band is defined by their sizzling live performances, strong-willed no-nonsense attitude and tongue-in-cheek sense of humour. They have been compared to bands such as The Melvins, Clutch, Alice In Chains and Soundgarden.

For their latest album Tangled Horns teamed up with Dutch producer Pieter Kloos (Dool, Death Alley, Peter Pan Speedrock, The Devils Blood, ….) to capture their massive live sound. No click track, all groove.

Tangled Horns are:

  • Stef Kustermans – guitar
  • Kris Martens – drums
  • Tim Van de Plas – vocals
  • Dennis Van Der Auwera – guitar
  • Raf Vorsselmans – bass guitar